Orders & Shipping

All of our items utilize just-in-time manufacturing to reduce storage overheads and have a large variety of products without wasted inventory. At this time, we are seeing longer production times for certain products with our manufacturers due to increased order volumes and manufacturers following COVID-19 safety protocols in their respective locations.

Below is a snapshot of the overall current production times for our most popular products. 

Many orders will ship faster than these times and some will ship slower, but these are the ranges we’ve seen. Data is based on the last 14-day average production times and forecasts from our manufacturers.

If you are concerned about the status or location of your order, please contact us.

Items are produced in a variety of locations, so your order will likely arrive in more than one shipment.



3-5 business days

Canvas Wraps

5-8 business days
Camp Mugs 7-10 business days
All other Mugs 3-6 business days
Minky Blankets 6-9 business days
Throw Pillows 8-11 business days
Folded Cards 2-5 business days
Framed Prints 4-7 business days